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Final Fantasy XV Will Be Released

Final Fantasy XV will not be pushed back until 2017 like a few us had previous thought. Now as a gift to the fans, Hajime Tabata game director announced that Final Fantasy XV is happening. Whether we can still believe our eyes to this news, it certainly is excellent news. As of lately, it sounds like Tabata established that Final Fantasy XV is in the finishing stages of completion. However, how soon will this release come about…word is that later this month expect to be given the date when the game drops. Keep checking back to see exactly when XV will hit.

Dawn 2.0 trailer:

Since years have literally flew by since the game’s original announcement, Tabata felt not only was it time but long over due to give the fans exactly what they wanted. Living up the expectation of the Final Fantasy franchise has served to be an adequate example of sticking to the script and pleasing the audience.

The demo could only hold us for so long and thankfully Tabata knew that. The likely story is that since 2006 this game has been crafted to the utmost spectacular revelation…even more so than we can imagine.

Look out for who have been streaming the demo, who knows when Tabata may sneak something else out just before the unknown release.

Also do not fret or fear, the story and concept have stayed true to tradition…it’s just to be honest since 2006 there have been a ton of updated systems. So hopefully nothing will go to array but we doubt the game maker would allow that to happen.

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