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In a message to shareholders and investors alike we got a little bit more insight into the Nintendo NX. The Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima  had this to say in his open level regarding the Nintendo NX:

“For our dedicated video game platform business, Nintendo is currently developing a gaming platform codenamed “NX” with a brand-new concept and our unique software-led hardware-software integrated business will continue to constitute the core business for Nintendo…..For the purpose of maximizing the population that interact with Nintendo IP, we will also enter into the smart device gaming business and aim to generate revenue and profit from it as well as to create synergy with the dedicated video game platform business……We are actively offering Nintendo IP in a variety of different ways so that not only current players of our video games but all consumers – including those who used to play but currently do not and even those who have never played our video games before – will also come in contact with Nintendo IP…..Nintendo will continue to flexibly transform itself by adapting to changing times while constantly valuing the spirit of originality based on the belief that the “true value of entertainment lies in its uniqueness” – and will continue to provide products and services that people will be surprised and delighted by.”

Nintendo NX Controller
Nintendo NX Controller?


There are a number of rumour’s floating around such as cross platform functionality, closed door access at CES 2016 and that it will have a similar power to the PS4 and Xbox One. Thoughts at present are also that it is unlikely the new Nintendo NX, which is still a codename, will appear on the shelves until at least late next year. The expectation is probably closer to 2017. Some things we do know are that Nintendo have put in place a patent approval for a controller that will have a touch screen panel, something a little different to existing consoles. The Nintendo Wii was a revolutionary console, however Nintendo never really capitalised on it fully and more recent releases have not been all that great either. For a company who released the NES, SNES and N64 they need to be doing better. Mario can’t keep you going forever (or can he?).

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