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Microsoft Release Xbox Stats 2015

Microsoft have released a website showcasing your personalised and community statistics Xbox Stats 2015. So if you’ve been putting in some heavy duty time this year on the Xbox you can now go to the Microsoft Year in Review website. With that said if you been getting grief from others in the house, be it housemates, partners or parents, if they see your states then you’re in for it!! How do you your Xbox Stats 2015 stack up?

The Xbox Stats 2015 website runs over loads of stats including how long you’ve been a Live member, the time you’ve spent gaming, how you compare to your friends and how you all stack up against the wider community. Not enough for you, how about your achievements and gamerscores? Which game have you been playing the most of when you probably should have been doing over things……clearly Dying Light for me. What’s more fun than a big open world where you can up your weapons with electricity and toxins or just go out and find eXcalibur. Anyway we digress.

The community has put together some impressive stats over the year including:

  • Unlocking an average of 69 achievements, up an impressive 9% year on year
  • Saved up to $975 with Gold discounts
  • 368 hours of gameplay on average
  • an average of 10hrs on Halo : Guardians
    • 23hrs on Forza 6
    • 21hrs of Gears of War
    • and 11hrs on Rise of the Tomb Raider

So, what does 2016 bring for you. Well I’ve clearly got some catching up to do on the Xbox, that’s what happens when you spread your gaming time amongst numerous platforms, then go and get drunk and spend the day doing nothing, sorry. New Years resolution, perhaps?

Xbox Stats 2015

Xbox Stats 2015  Xbox Stats 2015 Xbox Stats 2015

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