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GTA 5 Update but not for all consoles

Rockstar have announced a GTA 5 Update coming soon that will let you become a VIP and create you own crime syndicate in Grand Theft Auto Online. The GTA 5 Update is called Executives and Other Criminals. That’s right you can be your own Pablo Escobar, Al Capone or Jonny “Two Fingers” (we made that last one up). Now, we say you can, but only if you have the PC, Xbox One or PS4 version of the game. Those of you still rocking the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions I’m afraid you’ve lucked out. However both Xbox and Playstation have Black Friday style Xmas deals on at the moment so maybe now is the time to upgrade.

The GTA 5 update has all manner of customisations including your apartment and of course what made man would be complete without a customisable Super Yacht. maybe I should have added Roman Abramovich to that list (joke – we aren’t saying Roman’s dodgy, calm down Chelsea fans,). Your Super Yacht comes with its own staff! Brilliant. The update comes with all new co-op jobs, challenges and special abilities in Freemode.


Obviously as the head of a criminal organisation you are going to need to be able hire and fire (no, really, fire them, pop, pop) other player for your team of bodyguards. Bodyguards will then earn regular paychecks and unlock their own special benefits including RP, GTA$ and stat boosts for hiring out their time to your organisation. I smell a RICO coming. Better hire a lawyer too,

GTA 5 Update Super Yacht

Now that you’ve started you little familia you are going to come to the attention of other organisations and in Freemode you can go head to head, mano y mano against other players organisations. In Freemode you can make use of all new vehicles and your Yachts missile defense system….obviously your Yacht has a missile defense system. What self respecting Yacht doesn’t. There is also the new SuperVolito Carbon helicopter and personal watercraft. As well these new Freemode game plays existing modes will also adapt to the new update allowing you new ways to play King of The Castle, Moving Target etc. The GTA 5 Update is coming December 15th 2015. Just in time for some Xmas carnage!

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