Star Wars Battlefront: Missions, Infographics & Reddit

A bumper post on Star Wars Battlefront today rounding up the latest updates. We go from EA Infographics showing us who is winning the battle of good vs evil to EA admitting its an “accessible” for all style game (read: it’s a bit meh) all the way to one lonely Star Wars Battlefront gamer taking out an add to find some friends….awww. First up we have this awesome Infographic from EA, which details some of the destruction that’s happening out there. I’ll let you have a look below but over 442 million vehicles have been destroyed in 3 weeks and everyone likes playing as Boba Fett….fair enough. Click the image below to view the larger version:

Star Wars Battlefront Infographic


Damn those infographics, they aren’t easy to display! Moving on next up we’ve the Star Wars Battlefronts single player or lack thereof. Many fans of the game have expressed an interest in having a more in-depth single player experience in the game over the top heavy multiplayer one they got. Well EA COO had this to say on the matter:

Let’s be clear though. There are a lot of single player opportunities within the game. It’s lacking a campaign mode in the eyes of gamers, but it’s got co-op, couch play… it’s not a purely multiplayer game. There is much more content coming to this game.

The decision by the DICE team was made not to put single-player in, but to focus on multiplayer. This isn’t to say that decision for future games are locked in stone, we’ll determine what that team does as the development team gets further down the process.

To me this sounds very much like there’s a fence I’ll go an sit on it then I win either way. I wouldn’t expect any sprawling single player campaigns anytime soon. EA’s aim is to keep the multiplayer and therefore community aspects going as long as possible supplementing what is there already with new DLC for Star Wars Battlefront like the recently announced Battle of Jakku. The Battle of Jakku is set 29 years before the new Star Wars : The Force Awakens film after the Battle of Endor (Love Ewoks!)

Star Wars Battlefront : Battle of Bakku Trailer

And finally that bit of the news reports that has a happy ending after all the insane stuff from around the world. A Reddit user has posted a newspaper (that’s those things that come on paper in the real world and leave ink all over your hands……or the stuff the fish n chips used to be wrapped in) advert requesting friends to play Star Wars Battlefront on the PC. Thanks go out to the team at Inverse for spotting this. Reddit took the guy to heart and now he has over 166 partners to play Battlefront with and one weird invite to join a gaming dating site.

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