Xbox One Sky TV App Now Available

The Xbox One Sky TV App is something we weren’t quite sure we would see. Sky TV, the major premium TV supplier (similar to Cable in the US) previously had a Xbox 360 App that allowed access to watch Sky TV on your Xbox including catch-up TV and On-Demand shows and films. This turned into the Sky Go app eventually that was wheeled out to all mobile, desktop and consoles.

Since the release of the Xbox One Sky had been very cagey about when they were going to release it, so much so many still has their Xbox 360 on hand for watching Sky (you can’t cast the mobile Sky Go App and you can’t hook it up via HDMI cables either). If you search for the Xbox One Sky TV App you will find loads of forum posts discussing this very topic. The same could not be said for the PS4, which got it almost straight away. Sky then introduced a payment for the Sky Go service at £5 per month.

Xbox One Sky TV App

It is this service that is now on the Xbox One for Sky Subscribers who have the Sky Go Extra account, which is the old Multiroom account. That means you can add the Xbox One Sky TV App one as one of your 4 devices. Bit of a pain, but it will be welcomed by those with an account as the app is easy to use and less hassle than the browser based version. As you’ve probably realised Sky go to this much trouble because otherwise it was a simple backdoor to free Sky access from someone else’s account. At least now they get the extra £5 a month from each subscriber…..more money for Murdoch. The Xbox one, for UK gamer’s, is now an even more enticing option as an entertainment system

Enjoy all those 1000’s of movies, box sets and shows on the Xbox One Sky TV App.

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