Dying Light Expansion Pack The Following

Dying Light Expansion Pack -SMG’s, Buggies & Zombies

Dying Light Expansion Pack, The Following, has been announced by Techland (Makers of Dying Light) as being released post- Christmas time. The scheduled date is looking set for between the 6th and 9th of February depending on locale. The Dying Light Expansion Pack will be available across the platforms; PS4, Xbox One and PC. There will also be an Enhanced version of Dying Light that will include all the previous content, The Following plus a whole host more.

The Following Dying Light Expansion Pack will see our intrepid hero move outside the city limits of Harran and outside the quarantine zone into a much larger more open plan area with lots of countryside. In fact, the area will as big as the games previous two areas combined with over 10 hours of gameplay. To aid you in your new mission are, what Techland state is a popular fan request but is sure to cause some controversy across the board, more guns and in particularly a pretty mean looking SMG so you can keep it gangsta in your fight against the infected. As well as more firepower gamers will get to utilise buggies in the Dying Light Expansion Pack. These buggies will help you traverse the massive landscape getting from A to B. Now that sounds fine, but it’s not quite Dying Light. How about if we throw in a new skill set and then make it possible to add battering rams, flame throwers and of course other electrifying consequences…..hint hint.

Dying Light Expansion Pack

Now, if that has thrown you don’t worry too much there is still loads of Parkour with new moves, loads of new side challenges, outfits and you can pimp your ride in the Dying Light Expansion Pack. There will also be daily challenges, or bounties, to complete and challenge the rest of the community with. The Dying Light Expansion Pack is going to cost around £15.99 in the UK and around the $30 mark in the US or available through the Season Pass.

The Enhanced version of Dying Light, a physical release, will, alongside the Dying Light Expansion Packs, improve existing graphics, improve the AI, update animations and alter the harder game modes by reducing stamina. In Nightmare mode if you die you will lost all your level up points i.e. you are 50 points from levelling up and you die……have fun working your way back up. However, don’t fret. Techland want you to bring more of your friends along for the ride as additional coop players will improve your points scores by up to 10%.

Dying Light Expansion Pack Gameplay Trailer: 

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