PlayStation 4 Firmware 2.50 Update Features Leaked

A member of Sony’ PlayStation 4 MVP program has revealed information on what will be included in the upcoming 2.50 software update.

The highlight of the leak is a feature first seen during last year’s PS4 reveal press conference, allowing users to suspend and resume games.

A menu option for a new “rest mode” to reduce power consumption will be added. When it is enabled, players will be able to charge their controllers, download updates, and leave applications in a suspended state. The PS4 must be kept plugged in during this time.

Accessibility options will also be added to the Settings menu. Players will be able to change which how buttons are assigned and adjust zooming.

Wario64 on Twitter shared a number of other features that will be seen in the 2.50 firmware version. He listed the ability to delete 0% trophies (a feature that has received a score of 8,274 on PlayStation.Blog Share), an option to look up information on trophies online, as well as images of the gameplay scenes where they can be found.

In further tweets, he added that SharePlay, which lets players control games remotely, will run at 60 frames per second.

He also said that players will be able to share details and screenshots of their earned trophies.

The update will add a range of features that have been long requested by gamers. Sony has not yet announced when it will be available for download and installation, but Gematsu reports that the update may be released during March or April of this year.

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