GDC 2015 Videos Released By Microsoft

Tech giant Microsoft has released videos of its Game Developers Conference 2015 speakers on Channel 9.

One highlight of the collection is a video of Xbox division and Microsoft Studios head Phil Spencer’s speech on day 3 of GDC 2015. Spencer speaks about how he predicts Microsoft products such as the Windows Store and the Xbox One will play a role in the future of gaming.

He says that Microsoft provides a variety of resources that can be used to create and distribute games on multiple platforms. One example is the Xbox SDK, a set of tools that can be used to create apps for Microsoft’s console.

Developers can also publish apps and games on the Windows 10 universal app platform, which is planned to be available on a wide range of devices such as mobile phones, tablets, desktop computers, and of course, the Xbox One.

Spencer told game developers, “We’re developing the right tools and methodologies for you to get the most of the stores that we have.”

“We share a commitment inside of the Xbox team to deliver the best gaming platform across all Microsoft devices to help you build the best games possible,” said Spencer. “We’re committed to making Windows 10 the best Windows we’ve ever had for game developers and gamers. As the Xbox team, we’re staking our reputation on it and putting our brand on it.”

In another video, Principal Program Manager Vijay Gajjala and Principal Development Lead Brian Tyler speak about the significance of Xbox LIVE for game publishers. They also provide a number of examples of it in action.

Gajjala stated that engineers have been “working on the next generation of Xbox LIVE services.” He added that it is “a lot of work.”

Gajalla and Tyler went on to speak about how the SDK can be used to interact with Xbox LIVE, providing developers with access to scoreboards, achievements, multiplayer servers, and other services.

Bill Schiefelbein from the Xbox Experiences team also made an appearance in his own video, where he spoke about the user experience in Windows 10. He said that gaming would play a large role in Microsoft’s newest operating system.

Schiefelbein explains in the video how functionality such as notifications and live tiles can be taken advantage of to interact better with gamers. He also shows how Windows 10 can be used in conjunction with the Xbox One. He pointed out new features such as the Game Bar, which can be used for screen recording, and the Xbox app, which allows users to interact with one another.

Microsoft’s presence at GDC 2015 has shown the industry that it is serious about making its products accessible to both game developers and gamers around the world.


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