Resident Evil HD Remaster Made Millions Of Dollars In January

Intelligence firm SuperData reports that the game Resident Evil HD Remaster brought in $10.8 million in digital revenue during January 2015.

In terms of digital sales in January, the CAPCOM game is ranked sixth, behind Battlefield 4, which generated $11.7 million in online sales. Resident Evil HD Remaster beat the popular indie game Minecraft by an approximate $500 thousand.

At the top of the list is Take-Two Interactive’s GTA V, a game that continues to be popular today, even though it was launched in September 2013. The game had a digital console revenue of a whopping $31.8 million. According to CNET, the game sold 45 million copies during the 2014 holiday season. Its developers expect sales to continue as they plan to release a PC version around March.

Call of Duty: Black Ops II by Activision/Blizzard is at the bottom of the ranking list, with $3.5 million in sales during the first month of 2015.

The figures, which can be found on SuperData’s blog, are calculated based on worldwide digital sales using monthly purchase data from 37 million gamers.

The data released by the company bring insight to the digital gaming industry. It shows that only 37% of the top 10 digital console games were sold on the XBOX, compared to 64% for the PlayStation. Additionally, the majority of games sold online are purchased by Americans.

However, the data reveals that digital game sales is a growing trend, and it is gradually replacing brick-and-mortar stores. There is still work needed, as it has not caught on in certain markets such as China.

Resident Evil was originally released in 1996 on the PlayStation console. It is a game famous for its engaging horror and survival theme. To escape from a mansion, players have to solve puzzles and discover elements of the game’s storyline. Players also have to use weapons to defend themselves from enemies like zombies and giant spiders.

Resident Evil HD Remaster, as the name implies, is an update of the original Resident Evil game. It features more graphical details than the original game. It also takes advantage of modern graphic effects like bloom filters and higher resolution support. Higher quality sound is now available, as well as access to more control schemes.

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