5 Best Sports Games for PS4 You Must Play in 2015

In this article, TGD takes a look at 2015’s most promising sports games for the Playstation 4. From football to basketball to hockey, there were so many games to choose from that we had trouble sifting through them all. Find our five top picks below.

5. NBA 2K15

2K Sports has done it again in creating yet another great basketball game for all consoles. NBA 2K15 has really improved since last year. This is mostly down to the effort of 2K Games improving graphics and gameplay for the latest consoles.

So you may be asking, how has this game improved? What’s new?

2K has introduced new features with sleek passes and new individual skills that will make your game so much more fun to watch and play. The developers have also improved the shooting a great deal; it is now more accurate and responsive. Rebounds have also been changed greatly. Deflections and bounces of the ball are more realistic.

As you would expect with a next-gen console game, the graphics are amazing and will only get better on the PS4’s excellent hardware.


4. Pro Evolution Soccer 15

So Konami has finally released a football game to really compete with Fifa. The game has amazing gameplay and unbelievable graphics, thanks to the Fox engine Konami has started using.

They have also added new features such as “True Heart” – a meter that tells how a players confidence and form is throughout the game. Elements such as missed shots, moments of brilliance, even the crowd can affect a player’s meter. This can not only affect the player but the whole team as well. Konami has also introduced new game modes and leagues. D

espite all this, some gamers are starting to think that these new features are a bit “overdone”. They’re also saying that Konami are trying too hard to beat EA. Instead, some people say the company needs to concentrate solely on the main aspects of the game. Nonetheless, PES 15 is an amazing game.

Pes 2014 Graphics

3. NHL 15

In terms of physics and gameplay, NHL has never failed to disappoint. However, it always lacked something that kept people playing repeatedly. Over the years, newer and better game modes were introduced.

Then, the online play was released and improved. The introduction of Ultimate Team was a major turning point for EA, as this was a game mode that players could play for longer offline or online. This year, UT has gotten even bigger with more players from a worldwide player base. EA has also introduced new collision physics for a more lifelike experience. Some fun side games have also been added.


2. FIFA 15

There are no surprises to the inclusion of FIFA to this list. This year, the best-selling sports game franchise is back with a bang. As many of you have probably already played the game, I’m sure you have noticed the new physics introduced into the game. These new precision shooting and passing dynamics have really let the typical player’s game become more versatile. Unlike in previous years, many more different types of goals and movements are available.

The developers have made the game so much less repetitive than it was before; in fact, you could play for hours on end now. The graphics are unbelievable and arguably look as good as real life. This game is an obvious must buy for all soccer and sports fans.

Fifa Graphics

1. Madden NFL 15

Yes, EA’s 2015 edition of the classic Madden franchise is better than ever. With so many plays, players and stunning gameplay physics, EA has really outdone itself this year. The visuals are insane on all consoles, and game modes such as UT are just an endless supply of fun. Madden NFL 15 has unexpectedly outdone FIFA to create the most beautiful sports game ever.

What sports games have really impressed you this year? Let us know in the comments below!

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