New H1Z1 Update Fixes Loot Respawn Bugs

Sony Online Entertainment, the developer of the multiplayer zombie apocalypse game H1Z1, has announced that it will be releasing a new patch today to fix gameplay. The game servers will go offline for an estimated 90 minutes starting 1:00AM Pacific today in order for it to be applied.

In the patch, a bug preventing certain loot items from re-spawning will be fixed. It will also correct a number of bugs that occur at the end of Battle Royale matches. Tweaks will be made to the game servers to enhance general stability.


Redditor /u/Conraire said that the update will be helpful to the game’s players as long as the issues involving loot are fixed.

Another redditor, /u/Stormray, disagreed that the patch will have much of a positive effect on gameplay. He said, “The details of the loot fix are far too generic for me to believe that something significant has been done.”

Players will have to wait and see in order to tell if the patch will work as intended.

However, today’s update will not fix the “duping” (duplication) bugs that some players exploit to create free copies of in-game items.

The update notes can be found here.

Are there any bugs in H1Z1 that you would like to see fixed? Discuss them in the comments section below!


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