Moot is leaving 4chan after eleven years

Christopher Poole, also known by the nickname “moot”, is stepping down from his position as 4chan’s founding administrator.

A post on CoinBuzz says that Poole has been managing the website for over eleven years. He administrated all aspects of the websites and made key decisions. He is now putting a number of senior volunteers in his position to ensure a smooth transition.

Poole said that there will be no disruptions to the service due to his retirement, and users will not notice any difference in the website. He said he looks forward to where the website goes in the future and may return one day either as the administrator or as an anonymous poster on one of its boards.

4chan is a forum that revolves around the sharing of images that was launched in 2003. It allows posts to be made anonymously without the need for an account. It has given rise to a plethora of internet memes, including Rickrolling, where unsuspecting people are tricked into clicking links to the music video of “Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley.

The forum created some interest in the bitcoin community in 2012. It allowed users to purchase 4chan passes that allow visitors to support the website using the digital currency known as bitcoin. In return, they are given the ability to skip CAPTCHAs when creating new posts, threads, and reports. A pass costs $20 per year.

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