New Battlefield 4 Video Draws Mixed Reaction

The team behind the popular Battlefield 4 first-person shooter game recently unveiled a new trailer. The video consists of three minutes of recordings made by Battlefield players worldwide, including intense fighter jet battles, tank warfare, and player versus player shootouts, set to the house song “Playback”. The video’s description says that it was created to thank fans of both Battlefield and the “Playback” producers for their continued support.

The video starts off with footage of a player triggering a detonation device, then briefly shows the “Payback” artists performing in a concert. Logos belonging to EA Games and DICE, the games’ developers, are displayed. A number of scenes are then seen where the camera pans around vehicles and buildings from Battlefield 4’s lifelike maps. As the video progresses, the viewer is shown a fast-paced mash-up of clips taken from actual gameplay.

Halfway through the trailer, a recording is shown of a player jumping off a bridge and performing a melee attack in mid-air. Other notable scenes include a player shooting a bazooka at an opponent, and a helicopter gunning down enemy players while being engulfed in a cloud of smoke.

The song used in the video, “Payback”, is a collaboration between Swedish House Mafia member Steve Angello and progressive house music duo Dimitri Vangelis & Wyman. When speaking to THUMP about “Payback”, Angello remarked, “We felt from the beginning that this was a big one.”

However, not all of the trailer’s viewers were fans of the song. One YouTube user commented, “This unimaginative and boring ‘music’ doesn’t go with [Battlefield] at all.”

Another user, posting under the handle “Logan Konrade”, said that the video could be improved if a “better” song, artist, or music genre was used.

YouTube user “BattlefrontUpdates” defended the video by arguing, “I just think that featuring a bunch of stuff from the community in a montage [was] really nice of them.”

Despite the controversy regarding the Battlefield team’s choice of music, the “Payback” trailer has already racked up over 187,000 views. One thing most viewers can agree on is that, in the words of “BattlefrontUpdates”, the trailer “was a great montage […] with some of the best clips from the community.”


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