Arcane Mechanic DLC for Van Helsing Drops

There is nothing better in life than wading through the ankle deep entrail-slop of slayed demons and taking their loot. Well, maybe if you’d blown the hellspawn apart with intense gadgetry. Neocore heard this unanswered desire and has handily fulfilled it with the addition of the Arcane Mechanic DLC for The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing.

In this piece of DLC players will be able to harness the powers of science to wreak havoc on their adversaries. As the Arcane Mechanic specialist class, players will be experts of weird devices, deadly gadgets, and arcane machinery. These new pieces of technology will blow poisonous clouds, spew flames, launch explosives, or if you’re feeling a little sluggish, deploy traps and mechanical constructs to do the fighting for you while you chat with passing demon hunters.

The Arcane Mechanic won’t be relying on swords or magic, so leave the blade and tomb at home. But who needs them when you have the power of science at your side?

The Van Helsing: Arcane Mechanic DLC officially features:

  • The Arcane Mechanic character class
  • New, class specific gear
  • New skills and perks
  • New tactics and game mechanics: traps and deployed mechanical creatures
  • 3 class-specific quests with 2 new single player maps

PC players can let fly their inner scientist for $3.99 starting October 16.

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