Pokemon X and Y New Features and Release Date

phphw7e1cAMThe wait for the release of the highly anticipated Pokemon X and Y is coming to an end.  Pokemon fans around the world are preparing to begin a brand new adventure in Kalos, the new Pokemon X and Y region.  Furthermore, while Pokemon X and Y will retain many familiar aspects from previous Pokemon games, they will feature a considerable amount of new features and changes as well.

Primarily, many of these new features will affect the game’s story and player character.  Unlike their predecessors, Pokemon X and Y will contain character customization beyond specifying gender and will focus on an in-game group of friends that the player can interact with.  As the director of Pokemon X and Y, Junichi Masuda, stated in a September interview with Polygon, “…one of the central themes of Pokemon X and Y are bonds — the bonds between people, and the bonds between people and Pokemon, for example.”  

Another group of new features will significantly affect the game’s Pokemon.  For instance, X and Y will include every Pokemon from previous Pokemon games, as well as those in its own generation.  Pokemon have also been given more natural “cries”, which makes the unique sounds of each Pokemon more realistic and less mechanical.  Additionally, another form of Pokemon evolution, called “Mega Evolution“, allows a player to temporarily evolve specific Pokemon for the length of a battle in order to harness the power of a Pokemon’s Mega-Evolved form.

Finally, the gameplay in Pokemon X and Y possesses a much quicker pace than previous Pokemon games, which allows it to actively keep the player’s interest.  As Masuda explains, 

One of the things we focused on with Pokemon X and Y was to really speed up the pace, up the tempo a bit, and make it more of a brisk-paced adventure and make it easier to raise Pokemon — we really wanted to make it constantly interesting and engaging.

Overall, with considerably increased detail, numerous character and story customizations, and a plethora of new features, Pokemon X and Y definitely seem like games worth waiting for.

Pokemon X and Y will release worldwide on October 12 for the Nintendo 3DS.

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