Mobile Game Dev Shifting to HTML

emuranchers_headerApp Sauce Labs has launched a Kickstarter campaign for its newest project: Emu Ranchers. Emu Ranchers is a family friendly card game for two based on the award-winning Decktet card game system. If successfully funded, the project will help develop the companies HTML5 toolkit. In the broader spectrum, though, Emu Ranchers’ potential success would prove HTML5 as a potential contender for those looking to veer away from native iOS or Android programming.

Despite HTML’s trim look, it is just as powerful as current standards. Additionally, it makes cross-platform titles transitions fast and easy. As it stands, for a mobile game to play on iOS, Android, and function as a browser game, the developers would need to code their project in all three different languages. HTML5 functions easily on all three of these. This means faster development times and more games.

When asked about the choice, co-founder of App Sauce Labs, David Sutoyo, said, “The ubiquity of web browsers positions HTML5 as the logical platform for more than just content delivery. Given our experience in developing web applications, we believe it is the future of mobile gaming.”

In Emu Ranchers players compete one-on-one to construct “emu pens” by placing cards according to color and numbers. Each pen represents an investment and must be recouped – hopefully for profit. Players earn points based on the value of their pens. When the game ends, the player with the largest and most robust “mob” of emus wins.

Emu Ranchers is a light hearted, family friendly game. Whimsey and humor come along with every round, as does a vibrant color palette. Those interested in this brand of fun can track App Sauce Labs’ progress on their Kickstarter page.

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