Never Ending Nightmares Raises $100k

php7Nq3LyPMLast week Infinitap Games met and narrowly exceeded their $100,000 kickstarter goal to make Never Ending Nightmares.

Never Ending Nightmares is a non-combat psychological horror game. The title is still very much in development, but a free demo is available for download. Never Ending Nightmares’ style is disturbingly unique. The hand drawn looks and the paper doll movements of the character are extremely unsettling – just walking across the room will fill you with dread. Soundtrack hits and subtle changes in the environment add even more to the atmosphere.

Probably the most interesting element at play here is the fact that someone has experienced most of the horror of Never Ending Nightmares. Matt Gilgenbach, lead developer of the game, suffers from mental illness. In the development of Never Ending Nightmares Gilgenbach said that he drew from his own pool of experiences in dealing with clinical depression and OCD. Players will be reliving his nightmares and hallucinations.

Never Ending Nightmares’ demo ends on a cliffhanger. The final product promises to draw out the narrative – just what’s happening to the hapless protagonist as he makes his way through the dimly lit hallways. Even seasoned horror fans will find this title intense; anyone with the nerves required to survive this insanity can look forward to seeing Never Ending Nightmares August 2014.

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