Mighty No.9 Kickstarter Ends With Over $4,000,000


Mighty No.9 devs pop corks of their sparkling grape juice to celebrate their very successful backing of Keji Ifaune’s spiritual successor of Megaman. The Kickstarter campaign ended with more than $4,000,000 and more than 67,000 backers, making it the third highest Kickstarter for a game and the 6th highest kickstarter campaign. The $4,000,000 includes the money kickstarter and the additional pledges made on paypal.

During the Kickstarter Campaign, quite a few features were added to the game. These features include:

  • An intro stage and boss and two more stages.
  • Current and next gen console versions
  • PS Vita and 3DS versions
  • PC, Mac, and Linux versions
  • Plenty of new modes such as Boss Rush Mode, and Online Race Battle mode
  • A support character that will help Beck when he’s in trouble.
  • Optional chiptune soundtrack and fx
  • A single player Call Stage

There will also be three Making-of Documentary episodes, showing the process of the creation of Mighty No.9. There was also a vote for what Call will look like. The top 3 illustrations that will be going to the next round are F,E, and H. In the future there will be a contest to design an enemy of Beck and the winner’s bad guy will be put into the game. Better get your drafts out of the way before the contest begins!

This was only half the battle though. The rest is now up to the developers. Mighty No.9 is slated for release around 2015.

Can’t wait till 2015? Unfortunately, we don’t have time machines yet, but feel free to show your excitement in the comments below!

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