Pro Evolution Soccer 14 Review

So PES 2014 and FIFA 14 have been released in the last week and as has gone in previous years FIFA has a greater population of players.In the past FIFA has outdone Pro Evo in terms of graphics,gameplay and club/player appearance but this year may be the year that Konami finally begin to rival EA.

This year Konami has completely remodeled the game with amazing graphics and unbelievable realistic gameplay. When you compare graphics FIFA and PES are both gobsmacking:


The likeness of some players is uncanny and the precise and realistic stadiums will blow players away. Aside from the graphics the actual gameplay is great. With new shooting physics and new more accurate passing and marking in-game, it is really obvious how much this game has improved. Konami has also included features that EA didn’t which they are hopeful will attract more football based gamers to their community. They have interpreted realistic pre-game tactics that really lets players play their own style of game. They also have a new feature called heart of play. This is basically an in game feature that can increase or decrease a players stats throughout the game. Players start with a bar above their head which is blue and as the game progresses the bar will get more blue or start to go red. If your player does a positive action the bar will go red and and your players stats will slightly improve. Things such as crowd and fouls also affect this bar. With the new fox engine and improved graphics I think PES will really give FIFA a run for its money especially if they keep up these improvements.

Despite all these great additions there is still a few problems:

The frame rate occasionally struggles under the weight of these improvement and there is sometimes frame jumps and short lags when the ball goes out. Also if Konami really want to rival EA they need to introduce new game modes to keep up with the numerous amounts of game modes that EA have such as Pro Clubs. They don’t just need new ones they also need to slightly improve their current ones to a more sleek and well running design.  

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