GTA 5 Soundtracks Now Available

GTA VThe Grand Theft Auto series soundtracks have always been a popular and sought after commodity for many gamers. Many of the soundtracks feature old-school, popular songs, and provide a unique feel when playing the game. With the release of Grand Theft Auto V, many have been interested in when the soundtrack with first become available.

Like previous soundtracks that have been released from the series, the music of Grand Theft Auto V was spread across three different volumes. That music is now available on iTunes, and each volume costs a total of $10. Each of the different volumes are available in unique flavors including Original Music, The Soundtrack and the Score.

The Score section of the release is populated with collaborations from Tangerine Dream and DJ Shadow.  Many of the songs that are available on the radio as you drive around within the game are going to be available on “The Soundtrack,” of which there are previews available. “Original Music” provide you with a range of new songs you may come across in the game in various stages.

All three soundtracks are available on iTunes for a discounted price. This discounted bundle package is named “The Music of GTA V,” allowing you to save a great deal of money if you are planning on purchasing all three volumes.

Grand Theft Auto V is a game that has received much critical acclaim since its release. After receiving a perfect score of 10 from several online video game blogs and websites, it has gone on to become second best reviewed game on Metacritic ever, a website that assigns entertainment release with the cumulative score based on all of the reviews that were conducted by major media sources.

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