EA Prepares to Change Management Structure

EAFollowing a number of disappointing releases, EA games is reportedly undergoing management changes, according to reports from Polygon. The changes come on the heels of a number of very disappointing game releases from the company. The sources in the Polygon report are suggesting that Frank Gibeau will now be in charge of the mobile division, and of Origin divisions. Origin is the company’s online game store, very similar to Steam. Patrick Soderlund, who had previously been the Executive Vice President of EA games will be shifting to become the head of EA Sports, a division that releases popular sports games.

The shifts are going to come in order to fill roles that had been previously vacated by Andrew Wilson, the former head of EA sports and origin, but recently was promoted to become the CEO of the company. After numerous attempts by various sources to reach out to EA for confirmation about the restructuring, the company provided no comment on the changes. It will be interesting to see how these changes are going to affect the company and whether or not this will help them to produce changes from previous launches that have plagued the company. This mix up of positions will allow the company to ensure that they are able to make smart changes, using individuals that have a lot of experience with the company.

EA has consistently provided a variety of games that received mixed receptions from fans, critics and media sources alike. There are many things that need to be taken into consideration when analyzing management changes such as these. EA is hoping that the success of their Sports division will translate now that the former head has become the new CEO. The sports division had been one of the most successful divisions of the company. It is expected that more management changes could come in the future.

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