Boson X, Chemistry is Cool Again

Boson XMu and Heyo, an Australian video game development duo, have outdone themselves with their most recent title Boson X.

In Boson X players take the role of a shoulder patched professor as he runs through a giant decagonal particle accelerator. The world forms up around him as he makes his frantic run to collect energy. Collecting enough yields the discovery of new elements, and by extension, new levels.

Boson X is a heavily stylized and massively slick game. The environments swirl around you and you twist around them in a way that feels similar to Frequency. A key difference here is that the music of Boson X is good. Really good.

This is a super addicting game. It’s quick to learn, and the failure state is short. The really unique thing about it, though, is that the Genesis era spark of wanting to see what comes next is back. Thinking back to that time in video game history, a lot of the fun of playing came from seeing what crazy level would be next. Boson X’s hauntingly gritty techno soundtrack and the variety of color palettes will keep you playing and eager to see what will come next.

With its simple design and basic control set, Boson X is prime real estate for the mobile market. That being the case, Mu and Heyo have lined the title up to be a paid app coming to iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch on Sept. 26

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