Does Mario Propose to Peach in New Smash Bros Screen

Smash BrosMario of Super Mario Bros. fame has long been an admirer of Princess Peach. Now, it appears as if we may be on the verge of one of the biggest and most awaited announcements and video game history, as a recent screenshot that was added to the official Smash Brothers website shows Mario placing what looks to be a ring on Princess Peach’s finger.  The ring could be symbolic, but it appears that Nintendo is teasing an upcoming marriage between the two characters. Of course, it could just be an isolated part the Smash Bros game, but it does seem to be like big reach for the company to show something that is important without follow through.

When the ring was originally posted, the director of the series, Masahiro Sakurai asked the question “Who is the ring for?” over social media. Of course, despite how straightforward the screenshot appears, this does add some ambiguity to the proceedings. Of course, the ring is not placed on the correct finger in the screenshot, so they could be misleading us.

The two characters have been dancing around marriage throughout a variety of different games over the course of the last two to 2 1/2 decades. It will be interesting to see how this screenshot plays out in the game and whether or not the creators are trying to mislead us with a potential marriage between two of the most iconic characters in the history of video games.

There are many different theories currently abound in the video game community as to what the screenshot could mean. We can expect the answers to come out with the release of the upcoming Smash Bros. game.

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