Company of Heroes 2 Expands War Theater With 2 New Maps

company-of-heroes-300x225Company of Heroes 2 has become one of the most played, and best reviewed turn-based strategy games that is currently available. Now, the company has announced that they are going to be releasing two new maps that should greatly expand the war theater for current players. This is the first of several substantial  content packs that are going to be made available through Steam to players in the coming months. The patch is expected to be released on September 24, and the two new maps will be Rostov and Kharkov.

Rostov will be the larger of the two maps and is designed for up to six players. In the middle of the map, there is a frozen river. This frozen River can be difficult for players to deal with and needs to be taken into account before advancing across the map. Kharkov goes a different direction, set in an industrial city that promotes close quarters combat.

These new maps will be completely free but there will be some downloadable content that will be made available with the patch as well. The DLC that is being released will be available for purchase on steam for sure, and then will be available to be accessed within the game.

Company of Heroes 2 was released to universal praise, and has quickly become one of the best turn based strategy games that is currently available. With the release of new mass expanding of the theater of war, new strategies will become available to current players, allowing them to quickly grow the number of maps that are available.

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