Infinity Ward Producer on Cost of Developing Call of Duty: Ghosts and AAA Games

Call of Duty Ghosts

In a recent interview with Game Informer, Infinity Ward’s Mark Rubin addresses the extensive cost of making an AAA game like Call of Duty: Ghosts.   Rubin states that, referring to COD: Ghosts,  “…Everything that we’re doing in this game took way longer than we expected.  So this is the hardest game I’ve ever worked on.”  He also reveals that the game development studios Neversoft and Raven are working with Infinity Ward on COD: Ghosts and are “empowered to be a part of the whole process.”

With such large development studios placing so much work into a single video game, one could imagine the astronomical price of creating the title.  Rubin comments that:

It’s a scary thing…but games are becoming harder to make and more expensive to make.  And I feel like smaller studios are having trouble. I can’t speak for them, but I would think [they] are having trouble making big games that hit the big ‘Triple A’ market because they’re harder to do.

 With the high standards involved in making successful current-generation video games, it is true that big mainstream games are becoming harder to create.  “People want better and better graphics, they want more realistic-looking art assets, and that comes at a cost,” says Rubin.  “It makes it more difficult for us, so I know it’s more difficult for other people as well.”

However, unlike many smaller development studios, larger game studios like Infinity Ward are able to afford the extensive prices of creating a popular current-generation video game.  “The big companies can manage that.  We can cover our costs if the costs go up,” Rubin states.  “Other studios may not be able to.”

Although, Rubin still urges developers to create video games without focusing too much on the current success of large AAA game studios.  “Make games because you love making games,” he says.  “Yes, our game makes a lot of money, but we still just love making games.”

Call of Duty: Ghosts releases on November 5th for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC first before being released for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 later in November.

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  1. “…Everything that we’re doing in this game took way longer than we expected. So this is the hardest game I’ve ever worked on.” Is it because they aren’t copy and pasting bits of the map or aren’t they recycling the old engine like they did in modern warfail 3

    • Well if they aren’t, then I guess that would make COD: Ghosts a really good game and would make Rubin’s statement true.