Dragon’s Prophet Releases in EU, But NA’s is Delayed

 Dragons Prophet

SOE’s releases it’s unique MMO,in which you can ride up to 300 dragon’s, in the EU today. Unfortunately, players in the US are going to have to wait a bit longer as it has been delayed. Community Manager, Yaviey, had this to say about the matter:

Here at SOE, we are dedicated to delivering the highest quality game experiences possible. We intended to launch Dragon’s Prophet today, but after careful evaluation of the build, we have decided to push the release to give us extra time to ensure a robust, solid online gaming experience.

There has not been any word as to how long the delay will be.

For EU players, the release includes new features such as:

  • The Frontier System, in which you can create an alliance of up to five guilds. These alliances can battle it out in Dragon’s Prophet’s new Alliance vs Alliance battles.
  • Raised Level cap of 80
  • Mounted combat, complete with mounted skills. There is a tutorial for mounted combat in Artecia.
  • New Housing Features such as an increased housing inventory of 25 slots. The inventory can be increased up to 175 slots.
  • An improved leveling experience for newcomers and a revamp of the starting region Puretia. The new and improved Puretia also houses a new world boss. Have fun with that.
  • The Inartia region, complete with new quests and dungeons.
  • And much more! You can view the rest in the patch notes here.

There is also a preview of what’s to come in future updates such as Dragon breeding, a Dragon Arena, and more which you can view on the bottom of this page.

Any EU players around to enjoy this update? Feel free to rub it in in the comments below.

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