Ico and Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories Free for PlayStation Plus Members


Ico and Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories will be added to the Instant Game Library of PlayStation Plus Members for free, as a part of PlayStation’s store update.  Ico is playable on the PlayStation 3, and GTA: Liberty City Stories is compatible with both the PSP (PlayStation Portable) and the PS Vita.

Ico was originally released for the PlayStation 2 in 2001 and is the first of three games, including the unreleased The Last Guardian,  created by the game developers of Team Ico.  Ico itself is about a boy with horns named “Ico”, along with a beautiful princess named “Yorda”, who together escape a cursed castle and their own cursed fates.  The game also utilizes a minimalist storytelling technique for a unique, thought-provoking video game experience that serves as the spiritual sequel to Team Ico’s second game, Shadow of the Colossus.

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories was released in 2005 for the PSP and then ported to the PlayStation 2 in 2006.  The events of GTA: Liberty City Stories take place before Grand Theft Auto III and after Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.  Also, the game is set in 1998 and follows the fictional story of Toni Cipriani and the Leone crime family as they enter gang wars with the Chinese Triads and the Sindacco and Forelli crime families.

Both Ico and Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories are classic early PlayStation games.  Give them a try today if you haven’t already played them!

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