Terraria Update 1.2 Coming to PC October 1st!


PC Terraria players rejoice! A post was made on Terraria’s official Facebook page that Terraria will be getting it’s long awaited PC update the first of October!

As many of you may or may not know, A few days after Terraria came out for consoles,March 26/27, Redigit stated that he was working on an update for the PC version of the game which was two months in development at the time.

After getting receiving many teasers and waiting for what seemed like forever it’s finally here! The update will feature over 1,000 new items, new enemies and bosses, new music, new biomes, and more!

A preview was made a few months back showing inkling of the many things you can do such as change the color of your wood blocks and make water light up like a nightclub, have a Eater of Souls type pet, and fire a gun with exploding rounds! Yay Explosions!

You can view the main trailer for the update in all of its glory here!

Breaking out of third person, I am so excited for this update. I am one of the many PC players who was waiting for this update and now that it’s finally here I can hardly control myself while I’m making this post!

Anyone else as excited for this update as I am? Rejoice with me in the comment section below!

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  1. Super excited for this as it has been LONG overdue. Been looking for other games like it when the updates stop. Been playing Asteria (playasteria.com) in the meantime. Now I’m going to have TWO games to fill up my time!