Samurai Gunn: Intense Gunslinging and Sword Swinging

Gun Samurai

Bushido: “The way of the warrior”, traditional code of the Samurai stressing honor, discipline, bravery, and simple living.

Outlaw: A rebel, a nonconformist, a wild or vicious individual living outside of bounds of society.

The juxtaposition of these diametrically opposed archetypes has been the backbone of some solid fiction. Geta wearing, six-shooter totting combatants are back again in the soon to be released Samurai Gunn, by Teknopants.

Samurai Gunn crams seven rounds of intensity into a six round chamber. In this self-titled “Bushido Brawler”, two to four players will make each other’s heads roll in local multiplayer.  The mechanics are straight forward enough: everyone has a sword and a gun with 3 bullets. One hit kills. The first person to 10 points wins. Sword slashes that connect deflect either samurai, and bullets can be blocked the same way.

This is a game that is supremely intense to watch – I found myself jumping in my desk chair while watching gameplay. For how simple the mechanics are on paper, the level of discipline and reflex honing is staggering; one wrong swing or misstep and its lights out.

Especially close matches end in a special showdown mode (like in the tournament footage below). The top two samurai lay down their guns and go one on one against the setting sun. It’s beautifully simple, and beautifully samurai.

As party games go, Samurai Gunn is sure to be every bit as at home with you and your friends as Super Smash Bros., Rock Band, and beer. Keep an eye out for it on PCs this holiday season, and on the PS4 and Vita in 2014.


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