Guild Wars 2’s Back to School Event has Begun!

Guild Wars 2’s Back to School Event has Begun!

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Guild Wars 2

Yesterday, Guild Wars 2 members received a newsletter warning they are going to get schooled as NC Soft’s Super Adventure Box event has begun!

This event adds new feature’s, rewards,and ,the ever-so challenging event, Tribulation Mode.

With two worlds worth of traps, obstacles, and enemies coming at you at every turn, Tribulation Mode makes sure to make your life difficult. Don’t worry. There are three different difficulties in which you can choose from if you don’t want to go through all the trouble for your achievements. Infantile mode is just how it sounds. Normal mode lets you play the in the zones’ most natural state. Players who choose Tribulation Mode prepare to die. A lot.

The new and improved lobby,Super Adventure Hub, is a place where you can socialize, gather parties for events, or look for the secret Sub-Hub area which sends you to the clouds.You can also get shot out of cannons. Who hasn’t wanted to do that? You can view the other new features here.

In the newsletter there is also a preview of the update Tequatl Rising. It show’s the new and improved dragon Tequatl. Do you have what it takes?

There are also changes to balance,crafting,legendary weapons and more which you can view here. This event last’s for a whole month so if you are late to the party there’s no need to worry!

Any GW2 players excited for this event?


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