Microsoft Previews Xbox One Dashboard

Aside from new games unveiled during Gamescom 2013, Microsoft also revealed details concerning the Xbox One’s new dashboard to press and trade-visitors.  One of the press organizations present was Pocket-lint, which is a technology news and reviews website who visited Microsoft’s Xbox One dashboard demo event.  Pocket-lint was able to obtain an exclusive first glance of the new console’s main user interface design, still in its beta phase, along with key features of the Xbox One’s seamless navigation design.

The organization was not, however, able to take pictures of the dashboard themselves, as dictated by Microsoft.  Instead, Microsoft released a handful of screenshots, like the one below, that help paint a very basic picture of what the Xbox One’s new homepage will resemble.


Microsoft Xbox One Dashboard

Furthermore, the Xbox One dashboard promises a plethora of new system features that Microsoft hopes will provide a fully customizable, next-gen console experience.  For instance, the Xbox One allows up to six different profiles to be signed in simultaneously, and the current settings and preferences of the system can change depending on which player is standing or interacting with the console.  Also, any settings, console preferences, or games saves are kept in Cloud storage.  This way, you’ll be able to change the settings of any Xbox One, even if the console is not yours, just by signing into your profile.

Additionally, the Xbox One also accurately recognizes individual voices and responds to vocal commands.  These commands are used to sign into profiles, adjust the volume using a built-in IR (infra-red) blaster, and even prompt in-game video recording.  Lastly, Microsoft’s newest console features a revamped achievements system and social networking aspects, which will both help the Xbox One’s new dashboard produce a next-gen gaming experience that combines a sense of social networking with advanced,  seamless game design.

The Xbox One is set for release sometime this November, and more detailed screenshots for the Xbox One dashboard can be expected in the coming month or so.

What do you think of the Xbox One’s new dashboard features?  Is there a dashboard feature that you’d like to see added to the system?  Leave a comment below and share your thoughts!

Thanks to The Verge, Kotaku, and Pocket-lint for the information used in this article.

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