2DS: Nintendo’s Newest Offering

Nintendo is releasing the 2DS soon.  Very soon, in fact, with an October 12th release date.  Are people going to buy Nintendo’s newest system?  Nintendo is betting that the lower price point will appeal to gamers.  The system will have a lower price point than the 3DS by $40.  It will start retailing at $129.99.


Credit: Nintendo
Credit: Nintendo

Nintendo has moved away from the clamshell design with this device, instead going for a slate design.  There will be no 3D option either, which for a lot of people isn’t even a negative.  There are definitely some benefits with the 3D option, but only for those who aren’t already playing their games in 2D with the 3DS.  I, for one, do not like playing games in 3D because it makes it hard to concentrate on what is going on in the game.  Then there is the fact that playing in 3D drains the battery quicker.  

Like the 3DS, there will still be two screens for your viewing pleasure.  It will be interesting to see how gamers react to the non-folding screen.  This could affect its portability and that could be a deciding factor to cause some people to forgo it for the 3DS.  Nintendo will, of course, have the usual screen covers available, but it is not quite the same as carrying it around in your pocket.

The new 2DS has a new design, lower price point, and it plays all the games that the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo DS will.  It is hard not to see the appeal, especially when a part of Nintendo’s competition is coming from the mobile sector.  A lower price point could entice more people to set down the Ipad and pick up Nintendo’s new offering.


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