PS4 Recording And Streaming Not Exclusive To PS Plus


Earlier this week Twitter users brought the issue of the exclusivity of the PS4’s recording and streaming features to Shuhei Yoshida’s personal twitter, asking him about it in just about every way imaginable. Yoshida didn’t disappoint, confirming at least three times that Sony’s premium option PlayStation Plus will not be required to stream or record gameplay. The share button has been a major PS4 talking point for Sony, so it makes sense that Sony would elect to open up full use of the button’s features to everyone.

Recently, Microsoft also had some news about its own game recording features, but if you aren’t planning on ponying up for Xbox Live Gold, you’re in for a disappointment. The Xbox One’s DVR feature will require an Xbox Live Gold account along with other entertainment apps such as Netflix and Skype. PlayStation Plus will not be required to access Netflix and other video service apps on the PS4.

Throughout the current generation, Microsoft has tried to pitch its premium online service to consumers by offering exclusive content in addition to allowing gamers to play online. Most notably, cross game chat/partying was able to help Microsoft set Xbox Live apart from the PlayStation Network especially early on. However since the arrival of PlayStations Plus in 2010, Sony has begun to pick up steam for its own service heading into the next generation.  Sony’s Instant Game Collection has been a huge success, boasting 64 games in its first year. Meanwhile the PS4 will finally add the cross game and social features that PlayStation gamers have waited a whole generation for. While Microsoft has added a free game service of its own, considering that much of what Xbox Live Gold offers is included in Sony’s free option, it remains to be seen what Microsoft will add going forward in order to make Xbox Live the more attractive option this time around.

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  1. Most Products cost more when they are initialy released. The high initial price is as a result of low initial manufacturing output. Die hard fans pay a lot more! The high initial price helps recoup product development costs. Over time the company begins to charge just the manufacturing cost plus a little profit.
    In the case of Sony you will realise that their initial products are bulkier and begin over time to reduce in size and chip count. This optimisation done to reduce size saves money! It looks like with the PS4 they have not altered the design drastically from the PS3.

    • You make a lot of good points. Another example is the Xbox One. The new Kinect probably isn’t cheap, which might explain the higher price point this time around.