Payday 2 Already Makes Profit Due to Extensive Pre-orders


Payday 2, the highly anticipated sequel to Payday: The Heist, has already grossed more money through pre-orders than its publisher invested for the cost of developing the title.  In fact, Starbreeze Studios announced that they were able to pay back 505 Games’ investment costs a full six days before the game’s official release.  Due to this sudden profit, any money that Payday 2 continues to earn will be divided between Starbreeze Studios and 505 Games.

Also, paying for a game’s development with its own pre-orders is a huge accomplishment for a relatively small gaming company such as Starbreeze Studios.  Bo Andersson-Klint, the company’s CEO, responds to the almost instant success of the studio’s newest project in a statement released on Starbreeze Studio’s website (translated from Swedish by Gamereactor):

Starbreeze today has once again demonstrated that our strategy to invest in our own brands is correct. Not only have we been able to deliver an attractive product in Payday 2 but also a marketing that few companies of our size can.  We now look forward to royalties that can ensure the company’s development of its own IP to come. For Payday 2 to generate revenue to the company six days before release is, of course, very unusual for games of this size and strengthens the long-term vision of our strategy.

Payday 2 is created by Overkill Software, and the game is scheduled for release on Steam on August 13th with a price of $29.99.  It’s also scheduled for a release on the Xbox 360 and PS3 between the 13th and 16th of August.  Furthermore, the price of the game for the listed consoles may differ from the price of the game on Steam.

What do you think about Payday 2’s sudden success? Are you excited for the game’s official release? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts!

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