Batman: Arkham Origins Collector’s Edition Revealed, Exclusive PS3 content

Batman: Arkham Origins Collector’s Edition Revealed, Exclusive PS3 content

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Batman Arkham Origins collectors

In the lead up to release of the next installment of the quite brilliant Arkham series of Batman games by Warner Bros. Interactive entertainment details of  the Batman: Arkham Origins Collectors Edition have been revealed.

As shown in the picture above the package includes:

  • An 80 page hardback art book
  • Assassin’s Intel Dossier, including files on the eight assassins and Black Mask’s contract
  • Exclusive metal pack with 3D finish
  • And of course the highly detailed statue of Batman and the Joker which looks fantastic 

The pack also includes a number of different DLC packs:

  • Deathstroke Challenge – Play as Deathstroke in challenge mode, two bonus challenge maps and two bonus skins for Deathstroke.
  • First appearance Batman Skin
  • Exclusive PS3 content: Knightfall pack 

Not much detail has yet been provided on the Knightfall content – other than the Adam West 70’s Batman skin which is just amazing – but more should be released in the coming weeks. My statue for Batman: Arkham City is watching me type this and looking at me in a way that says, “looks like you need to find £79.99” which is the preliminary price for the UK.

Anyone else tempted by this? Pop a comment below or tweet us!


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