BioShock Infinite dlc

New Bioshock Infinite DLC Will Send Players Back Into Rapture

BioShock Infinite dlc

Irrational Games has promised three DLC packs in support of Bioshock Infinite. The first DLC, Clash In The Clouds, which was released on 7/30/13, will be a combat orientated DLC and has players fighting waves of enemies in different areas of Columbia. Surprisingly, the second and third DLC’s will actually take place in Rapture, the setting of both Bioshock 1 and 2. The new DLC, titled Burial at Sea (which at least seems to be non-canon), will be a two parter and feature Booker Dewitt as a private investigator during the events of New Years Eve 1958, the beginning of the end for Rapture. Players will control Booker Dewitt in the first DLC, and for the first time, will be able control Elizabeth in the second DLC.

According to an interview from Eurogamer with creative director Ken Levine, the team behind Bioshock Infinite is well aware of the common complaints of modern DLC and wanted to do something different with their offerings.

“When we started this, we really tried to listen to the fans, and to us the fans were clearly saying to us, look, we want the A team on the DLC, we want the same team who did the actual game, we don’t want it to be stuff that’s on the disc, we don’t want it to be stuff that some marketing guy came in and said ‘leave that aside’. So basically the day we finished – literally, pretty much the day we finished Infinite, we went to work on the DLC, starting pretty much from scratch on the game content.”

While some groaned about the delay of Bioshock Infinite DLC, now over 4 months removed from the original release, it is refreshing Ken Levine take the time to create a true DLC experience instead serving gamers a plate of scraps from the main game.

If you want a peek at the new Bioshock Infinite DLC, check out the trailers for both Clash In The Clouds and Burial at Sea below.

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