Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV Will Still Have an “Old School Feeling” To It

Final Fantasy XV

We have learned that the latest installment of Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy XV, will now move away from the traditional turn based combat systems, that have included the Active Time Battle system used in the original PlayStation editions of Final Fantasy to the Paradigm Shift system used in the latest titles.

But series director Tetsuya Nomura has assured fans that despite wanting to take the series to a quicker, more action focused battle system there will still be that old school Final Fantasy feel to the game. He’s explains:

“We wanted to create like an action-based FF this time because we wanted to create a dynamic feeling between the story and the game itself. Of course, we are going to put many FF elements into it, because otherwise there is no point calling Final Fantasy XV. Naturally, we still think we should have some old school FF feeling to the game.”

This will come as a bit of a relief to some fans – much like myself – who may have questioned how the game would stay true to its history with this new style of play. Nomura has also gone on to say that he may finally get his desire for player control during cut scenes but suggests it may not be possible for every sequence.

“I would like to achieve that as much as I can,” he said. “Our goal is to ensure that the player never actually stops playing. This is the reason behind it and it will be great if we can achieve that.”

Final Fantasy XV has a big task on its hands in order to compete with the vast number of RPG games set for release in 2014. The Witcher 3, Destiny, Deep Down and Dragon Age: Inquisition all hitting the next-gen systems next year. As a huge fan personally I am getting more and more interested in this new direction they are taking the series but there is a lot of competition for Square Enix in the action RPG genre and the question remains: will Final Fantasy XV stand up and compete?

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  1. holy shit this game is going to be game of the year which ever year it comes out 2014 or 2015 final fantasy looks to be back on track and i dont think tetsuya nomura can ever fail

  2. awsome i been waiting forever for another final fantasy liek numebr 12 where you have an active cmbat system instead of a turned based one i jsut hope they also make it like number 12 in the way that there are no cutscenes to go through every beginnign and end of battle