Nvidia is Bringing its Kepler GPU to Mobile

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Nvidia will be bringing its Kepler architecture to next-generation Tegra mobile processors.

PC hardware brand Nvidia is bringing its latest GPU architecture – Kepler – to mobile devices. The company itself will be showing off its upcoming Tegra processor with a demo at the annual SIGGRAPH conference  this week, a think tank of researchers, artists, developers and such the like who “share an interest in computer graphics and interactive techniques.

A few months ago, back in March, Nvidia released a graphical demo reel of a human head that was modeled in real time. The actual demo itself was a step too far in the pit of Uncanny Valley for me though. The demo is called “Ira” and it was running on desktop that was equipped with Nvidia’s most powerful single-GPU, the GTX Titan.

Nvidia will be running Ira on Project Logon, Nvidia’s next-gen Tegra processor. According to Nvidia mobile devices that will run Logon will hot the shelves in the former half of 2014. A Nvidia representative has also confirmed that a future model of the Nvidia SHIELD will be implemented with this new processor.

Speaking of the Nvidia SHIELD: Nvidia have announced a new release date for the Nvidia SHIELD and thanks customers for their patience.

To get a taste of what Project Logon will bring to mobile devices, have a look at this video below.

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