Skyrim Ranks #1 in PC Gamer’s Best PC Games of All Time

TES V: Skyrim

It’s that time of year again. PC Gamer has released their 2013 “Top 100 games of all time” list, and as‘s author, GStaff, rightfully says, these lists “are always fun to go through and debate with friends/colleagues where they nailed it and where you disagree”.

Sadly, at the time of writing I can’t find a link to the full list, however I can tell you that Bethesda’s much loved free-roaming sandbox RPG, “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim” made the number 1 slot. Other Elder Scrolls games that are known to have made the list are “Morrowind” at the #93 slot, and “Oblivion” which made #73.

While I’m sure there was much patting on the back at Bethesda, a comment made by Bethblog reader “Brett” did shed some light on why Skyrim now holds the coveted position. He writes “Of course Skyrim made #1, look at the modding community. That’s what really brings out the best in Bethesda’s games!” to which author GStaff replied “They definitely give due credit to all the awesome stuff the mod community does in the article”.

As an almost obsessive player of Skyrim, I can’t disagree. I really don’t know anyone who plays Skyrim without some kind of mod.

With sites like Skyrim Nexus, and the Steam Workshop providing gigabytes of tweaks, mods, and additional content, that many modders have spent hours, weeks and months of hard work developing, it’s hard to ignore the fact that there may be something more to the game than what Bethesda gave us.

While Bethesda did give us a wonderful game (and in no way do I want to take this achievement away from them, because they worked hard too!), I think a shout out to the Skyrim modding community is also well deserved.

What are your favourite Skyrim mods? Leave a comment below and share the joy! 

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  1. Greybeard Chieftain

    Skyrim and Dark Souls are some of the best RPGs of recent times. Witcher 2 is also great in terms of choices but I love the intensity of the lore surrounding the former two. Skyrim’s sense of scale and majesty is astounding whilst Dark Soul’s sense of foreboding and decay is meticulously woven. Whilst the classics like Baldur’s Gate are never truly forgotten, the sheer quantity of resources and performance power now at the tips of the fingertips of RPG developer has certainly propelled the medium into the cinematic and theatrical…that isn’t necessarily a flaw provided the crucial gameplay mechanics are still integrated.

    • Michael Archbold

      Couldn’t agree more about Skyrim! Haven’t actually got around to playing Dark Souls yet (I know, I’m an RPG gamer disgrace and my friends remind me daily).