Dead rising 3

Dead Rising 3 Kinect Features, Nightmare mode and Survivor Upgrades

Dead rising 3

If, like me, you are looking forward to sinking your teeth into Dead Rising 3, you are quelling your urges by eating up every detailed morsel the developers throw at you. Like a good master feeding his pet, Josh Bridge, producer on the game, gave us these tasty tidbits in an interview with AusGamers.

As was released in an earlier interview with LA Times, Dead Rising 3 will be doing away with the ever present countdown that was a hallmark of the previous games, a relief to many who felt they missed out on a lot of content, due to time restrictions. Josh further clarified “We purposely built a non time-restrictive mode and a completely time-restrictive mode – both following the same storyline,”. So the good news is, if you’re a Dead Rising Purist, who enjoyed the time pressure, you still have the option, but Josh warned that ” it’ll completely hand your ass to you with Nightmare Mode where the time-limit is going to be pushing you along a schedule.”  

He added  “You can even hop between both modes if you want – it all goes to the one profile and saves all your experience points.”    

He also commented on the game’s survivors that you will have to rescue throughout the game. “If you complete [the rescue mission] and help them out they’re going to offer to help you out now. And now they’ll just fight to their death with you”.

You can even give them perks and direct their actions, making use of the Kinect, as it detects your finger pointing, and your voice should you tell a fellow survivor to attack or shout to lure zombies towards you, saving valuable time on button pressing.

Weapon crafting is also getting a few changes. Doing away with the need for a workbench; allowing crafted weapons to be stored in lockers (and thus accessible from all safehouses); and even allowing you to learn to ignore the blueprints, and make your own variations on the basic design. 

Dead Rising 3 is due to be released in November 2013 exclusively for the XBox One. Until then, check out the video and leave a comment below!


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