‘Pokemon X and Y’ Gameplay Shows Off 3D Graphics


Recently released Pokemon X and Y footage edited from a Japanese TV show shows off the game’s 3D graphics.

New gameplay footage of Nintendo’s upcoming Pokemon X and Y surfaced earlier today. The footage itself has been cut and edited from a Japanese TV show called Pokemon Smash in order to show the gameplay only.

The Pokemon series going fully 3D for the first time may come across as blasphemy among the Pokemon purists out there. I for one am very looking forward to playing this next installment of the main Pokemon series. 

Of course that would mean going out and buying a Nintendo 3DS but it’ll be worth the expense. 

There’s also been a lot of other news circling around Pokemon X and Y as of late too. For one thing a new Team Rocket-wannabe band of misfits has been announced, along with various new pokemon to boot

Pokemon X and Y hits the shelves worldwide on October 12 this year. I’m especially looking forward to it because that is my birthday month, and I’m pretty sure I have my eyes on which present I would like.

What do you think of ‘Pokemon X and Y’s latest gameplay footage? Let us know in the comments!

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