Battlefield 4 Single Player Campaign Details Revealed

battlefield 4

EA have officially released some details on the Campaign mode of their upcoming title, “Battlefield 4”. 

Your character is Sgt. Daniel Recker, a member of the elite Tombstone Squad, and he is going to have a bad week. 

The company has outlined the events of, what I can only assume to be, the first 2 missions, ending at what I can vividly imagine to be a heart-stopping cutscene of devastation. The story will have you starting in Azerbaijan where you will battle through hordes of Russian soldiers while you retrieve intel from a Russian defector, and then move to Shanghai for some covert VIP extraction amidst an assassination blamed on the US and a city under martial law. 

As the story progresses, and you discover that Shanghai is in turmoil with Russians backing a Chinese madman, you manage to escape the city with a CIA operative and “a mysterious individual that the Chinese military has been franticly searching for”. Already you can see the makings of a large scale war coming your way, with that nice hint of political intrigue backing it. At that point, they leave you with the imagining of the entire 7th US carrier group burning in the water and no happy ending.

EA also released details on 2 of your squad mates; SSgt. Kimble “Irish” Graves and Marine Combat Lifesaver Clayton “Pac” Pakowski with a nice high quality render of both.

As a fan of the campaign modes in FPS franchise titles like “Battlefield”, “Call of Duty”, and “Medal of Honor” I’m always amazed at how they keep the player’s interest throughout the story, and some, arguably, do fail, but so far it looks that Battlefield 4 will not disappoint.

The full details can be found on EA’s website, here and the game is set for a 01 November 2013 release date. 

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