Wasteland 2

Wasteland 2 Has Been Delayed, Beta to Begin in October

Wasteland 2

If you’re a fan of the RPG genre, you have no doubt kept an eye on Wasteland 2, being developed by InXile Entertainment. The publicly funded game that almost tripled it’s original asking price when it asked backers for donations over a 35 day period is one of the most anticipated games announced this year. With such high expectations, how do you think the backers feel about this delay? 

Truth is, most are OK with it, and some are even relieved, judging by comments left on the game’s kickstarter blog.

Originally planned for an October 2013 release date, Brian Fargo, studio head, has stated that October will now be the month for a beta release, admitting “This feature complete playable is about 6 weeks behind where I had wanted it to be but I can’t be too surprised considering the increased scope. We have been able to accomplish so much in so little time by our experience, fantastic team and tools”. It makes sense, 3 times the money, 3 times the game. 

But what does he mean by “feature complete playable”? Well, as mentioned in his blog, it is defined as such; He states “In the next month we expect to have a version of the game that is feature complete, meaning all basic game functionality is in. This covers the combat system, character creation, radio support, world map travel, logbook, inventory, loot drop system, save games, AI functionality and much more. In addition all of the game maps are in and we have been in the process of making art and reactivity passes already”.

Sounds promising! Will it be worth the wait? Time will tell. Until then, keep up with the development by following the blog here


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