state of decay

State of Decay Sandbox Mode Details Discussed by Undead Labs

state of decay

If Geoffrey Card, one of the founders of Undead Labs, and creators of XBox 360 (and soon – PC) zombie survival game, “State of Decay” asked you “Could you survive a zombie attack?”, I’m sure the zombie game veterans among you would say “yes”. However, if he asked you “Could you survive a zombie apocalypse?” it may be a little harder to answer.

By strange coincidence, this is exactly what he asks when writing the blog on their upcoming DLC which brings a sandbox mode to the game, designed to really test your nerve for surviving in a world where food, fuel, friends and bullets are a limited resource.

In Geoffrey’s words, “You scavenge a house, and that house is scavenged. You lose a friend, and that friend is gone. Every loss is real, because nothing can be replaced”. What will survivors do in this situation? “They find a new town. Fresh, unspoiled…because it’s filled to the brim with zombies”.

He tells us we can survive in this game as long as we want to, “as long as you’re willing to move to places that kill everyone else who tries to move there”

So we decide to move on after finding a broke down RV. Geoffrey reminds us that “fixing up an RV isn’t an easy task. You’ll need to scavenge for fuel and materials. You’ll need tools, and a decent workshop. You may run into setbacks, and have to risk your life to resolve them. And it will take time — time during which the zombie hordes are growing”. 

After all that, we don’t have enough seats for everyone and we have to choose who stays and who goes. I won’t lie, I’m questioning my chances now!

Drop us a comment and tell us how you think you would fare. 

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