PS4 Will Support Current PS3 Wireless Headsets


According to a report from Polygon, the PlayStation 4 will support the bluetooth wireless headsets currently used by the PS3. While the PS4 will come packed with its own headset, those that prefer their old PS3 headsets will not be limited. 

This is in stark contrast to Xbox One’s current policy on headsets. Not only will the Xbox One not include a headset with the purchase of a console, but it is still unclear whether Xbox 360 headsets will be compatible. There have been rumors of a headset adaptor which would allow use of older headsets with the Xbox One controller but this has not yet been confirmed. The new Kinect which comes bundled with the Xbox One will instead act as the primary (free) voice input. 

The move is a smart one on Sony’s part. Many consumers complained last generation about having to purchase a headset for the PlayStation 3 and thus led to some very quiet multiplayer games (for better or for worse). This time around, PS4 owners will have a headset right out of the box and have the option to use or keep their PS3 headset as a backup if they already own one. 

Both consoles will have their fair share of additional costs (PlayStation eye camera, PS Plus, Xbox Live, headsets, etc.), but with the Xbox One priced $100 dollars higher than the PS4, Microsoft is going to have to work a little harder to show consumers why the Xbox One will be worth the higher price tag. Both consoles will be out this holiday season. 

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