PS4: 20 Things You May Have Not Known


We’re itching closer and closer to the “holiday” launch Sony have placed on the PlayStation 4 and there are lots of interesting features to the new console there but the big “no DRM” announcement stole the headlines. A lot of the smaller features have perhaps gone unnoticed in the wake of the big news, especially after forcing the biggest U-Turn in gaming history in their rivals. But it’s the little things that will make the console a success or failure so what exactly are the most interesting features of Sony’s new console?

Below are a list of the 20 things you may not know about the PS4 and its very cool features thanks to the PlayStation Blog:

  1. PlayStation Dynamic Menu – This replaces the PS3 XMB interface, it is a smoother display with integrated social features such as messaging, sharing videos and tracking friends gaming achievements. PlayStation Dynamic Menu
  2. Replaceable 500GB Hard drive –  In case of hard disc faults this is fully replaceable and upgrade-able .
  3. Login to any PS4 – If away from home you can access all your content from another machine inducing games and all other media with access stopping once you sign out.
  4. Home machine – You nominate your machine as HOME which allows any users access to your games, content and PlayStation Plus features.
  5. HDMI is in-the-box – Bye bye phono cables! 
  6. Not region locked – If you want to import games then go for it.
  7. PlayStation 4 Eye records in 3D – Despite is small size it records in high quality 3D and…
  8. Has 4 microphones – For accurate sound detection and something named Source Origination Detection, fancy term for knowing where you’re speaking from.
  9. Video Unlimited – For the first time the app with be available to stream movies onto the PS4 system.
  10. Instant Switching – In most cases you will be able to switch between apps, games and the PDM instantly with what appears to be a double press of the PS button on the DualShock4.
  11. The touch-pad is a button –  Not only can you use it like a mouse, it clicks like one too!
  12. PlayStation APP – A new PlayStation APP will be launching around the release date of the PS4 and will work with IOS and Android phones & tablets. Functions such as social interaction with players, watching videos and shopping for games will be available. While most PS4 games are integrating some form of remote play with these devices as seen in demos like The Division at E3.PS4 APP
  13. Cross Game Chat – If you just want to talk to your friends you can, no need to be playing the same game. Good times.
  14. Video recording constantly – The PS4 constantly employs video compression and decompression software on your gameplay, allowing for quick uploads of your latest triumphs or (in may case especially) your latest re-spawn having killed yourself with your own grenade.
  15. Suspend mode – Similar to sleep mode on a PC, you can restart the PS4 and begin gaming right where you left off.  
  16. Background updates and downloads – Thanks to a separate processor the system will update and download in the background or while in Suspend Mode.
  17. Gaikai Streeming  – The best PS3 games will be available to stream to your PS4 in 2014 initially targeting the best PS3 games expanding to include more legacy titles as time goes on.
  18. Playstation Plus Carries over – Your current PS+ subscription will move over to the PS4 and will cost the same as it does now. PS+ will have a new free game every month in the instant game collection. PS+
  19. Sony Pictures – Are developing programs and entertainment for the PS4 system intending on delivering the best media service available.
  20. 140 games – There are currently more than 140 games in development for the PlayStation 4 and as reported on The Gamers Drop previously Sony are expected to be releasing more information on some of these at GamesCom this August.

OK, that’s it for now but Sony are sure to release some more information soon so keep in here for the latest info. Feel free to post a comment below but after all that I’m having a little rest.

Watch the original video here: 20 things you didn’t know about the PS4

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