Pokemon X and Y: New Pokemon and Enemy Team revealed

Pokemon X and Y: New Pokemon and Enemy Team revealed

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New details have been announced for Pokemon X and Y in the latest issue of CoroCoro Magazine.

The evil team is named Team Flare. They are obsessed with money and members include a gym leader sporting robotic arms named Shitoron, gym leader Zakuro and a professor called Purataanu.

The brand new Pokemon are:

Gorondo: Pancham’s evolution. It’s a Fighting/Dark type, who uses abilities like Iron Fist and Hammer Arm.

Maika: A Dark/Psychic squid and also a Rotation Pokemon. It can perform the move Turn Over which will reverse statistical changes. It’s evolution is called Karamanero.

Shushup: A pink bird who adds to the ranks of the newly created Fairy type.

Peroppafu: Another Fairy-type – this one exclusive to Pokemon X. It’s a Cotton Candy Pokemon with the Sweet Veil ability and a move called Drain Kiss.

It’s also been revealed that Xerneas is a Fairy Type and Yveltal is Dark/Flying type. Xerneas (The stag from X) uses the Fairy Aura ability and a special move called Geo Control. Tveltal (The bird from Y) uses Dark Aura and a move named Death Wing.

Pokémon X and Pokémon Y are out worldwide October 12 on 3DS.



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