Pokemon X and Y: Legendaries and other New Pokemon Detailed

Pokemon X and Y

The Pokemon Company has revealed more information on the cover legendaries set to appear in Pokemon X and Y. Xerneas will feature the new Fairy type, will be able to use the new maneuver Geomancy, and have the new ability Fairy Aura which will boost the power of other Fairy types. Yveltal lacks a fancy new typing but will instead feature the relatively rare Dark/Flying typing, will be able to use the new maneuver Oblivion Wing, and will have the ability Dark Aura which works just like Fairy Aura except with Dark Pokemon. 

Also the English names for the new Pokemon we learned about last week, have also been released into the wild. Here are the name changes of the Pokemon we reported on last week:

Japanese-> English

Gorondo-> Pangoro 

Maika-> Inkay 

Karamanero-> Malamar (Evolution of Inkay)

Shushup-> Spritzee 

Peroppafu-> Swirlix 

Also Polygon is reporting a new feature called O-Powers, which “allow users to transfer special powers and boosts between themselves, through local or online connections.”

For a list of all the currently announced Pokemon for X and Y check out the list at Serebii. As usual as more Pokemon X and Y information becomes available we will bring it to you. For now you can check out the latest gameplay trailer below.



New Pokemon Images from Serebii

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