Pokemon X and Y: Six new Pokemon and new Trailer Revealed


Six new Pokemon has just been announced for Pokemon X and Y for the 3DS by the Pokemon Company, in addition to a new gameplay trailer.

The six new Pokémon include Pancham, Pangoro, Inkay, Malamar, Swirlix and Spritzee. Below, you can view the description for each of these Pokémon as given on the official website for Pokemon X and Y.

Pancham – Fighting

  • With its trademark leaf always sticking out of its mouth, Pancham tries to intimidate its opponents by glaring at them intensely (although this is rarely successful).

Pangoro – Fighting/Dark

  • Pangoro is the evolved form of Pancham. It’s a cantankerous Pokémon, but it has a strong heart and doesn’t forgive those who pick on the weak.

Inkay – Dark/Psychic

  • Transmitters above Inkay’s eyes have the ability to drain the will to fight from other Pokémon. It uses this skill to run and hide when attacked by stronger enemies.

Malamar – Dark/Psychic

  • The evolved form of Inkay, Malamar wields some of the strongest hypnotic powers of any Pokémon and can make its opponents bend to its will.

Swirlix – Fairy

  • Exclusive to Pokémon X, Swirlix loves sweets and eats nothing else, making its body as sweet and sticky as cotton candy.

Spritzee – Fairy

  • Spritzee is a Pokémon that can be found in the wild only in Pokémon Y. It emits a unique fragrance from its body, and any who smell it fall under its spell.

Below, you can also view the new gameplay video that has been released for Pokemon X and Y, which features these newly announced Pokémon in addition to new features for this title.


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